Still undefeated…ready to face defending Team USA

Last night TEAM NORTH DAKOTA beat the 2013 Silver Medal Team to remain undefeated.

This morning (9am), we join the men from GLCC (Great Lakes) on the ice. GLCC is an awesome very experienced team, this could be a nail biter. Later today (7pm), we are the featured game on the live webstream (link below). We will be battling the reigning TEAM USA. The current TEAM USA has been playing all over Europe and just returned to defend their title. If your schedule permits, I would recommend you watch some Olympic caliber curling tonight.

TEAM ND is currently #1 on the Leader board. We are the only undefeated team. One more victory gives us a place in the playoff brackets. The way curling works, your record earns your seeding in the playoffs…. record is wiped and then it is battle for GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE.

Thank you everyone back home for all of your love and support!


Kristi Johnson



2 thoughts on “Still undefeated…ready to face defending Team USA

  1. What a great blog! Keep the updates coming and keep doing the work boys. Look foward to watching the webstream tonight.

    Amelia Young

  2. Thanks Amelia…. You and Kyle are a big reason we were able to have such great training in Fargo…. Try to warm up the city before we get home please….. :)!

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